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Coffee at risk

Our coffee is at risk due to climate change, low yields, diseases and because coffee producers cannot get good coffee plants. This also means the livelihood of coffee farmers is lost

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About 70% of the coffee that is produced is Arabica coffee. 18ºC to 21ºC is the optimum temperature for this variety. It can handle an average annual temperature of 24ºC. It is getting warmer and drier, not only here in the Netherlands, but also in places where coffee can grow (between the tropics). You can only imagine the impact this warming has on coffee farmers.

There are also more and more diseases with coffee plants, such as leaf rust, and insects, such as the coffee drill beetle, are found in increasingly higher areas.

Within the Arabica there are many varieties eg Bourbon, Catuai, Catuai etc. But there are not enough resistant varieties. The coffee farmers are too small and too poor to develop new varieties themselves that are resistant to coffee rust and can withstand higher temperatures.

We became member of World Coffee Research

On August 22 2018, we became a member of World Coffee Research (WCR). This means that for every kilo of green coffee we buy, we pay 10 cents to World Coffee Research.

Who is WCR and what do they do.

Photo WCR

WCR is a non-profit organization. It has set up research and development programs to improve, protect and improve the quality of coffee. The goal is also to ensure that the living conditions of families producing coffee improve.

They do this for example by developing new coffee varieties. This is done through GMO-free breeding! They do use new techniques that have reduced the breeding process to a good new plant from normally 30 years to 10 years.

An F1 hybrid has been developed that can ensure a higher coffee yield, a better coffee quality and a higher tolerance to diseases.

The best coffee variety in the world does not help the coffee farmer if the plant is not a good plant. That is why WCR trains and certifies coffee plant producers to ensure that the plants are genetically good and healthy. This allows the farmers to buy good plants that ensure a good yield. The farmers are also trained on how best to deal with their plants.

When you want to know more about WCR, just click the picture.

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