Tea temperature and time table

Every tea has its own temperature and brewing time. On top of that, everyone has a different taste, so the temperature and brewing time will be different for every person.
We experiment with temperature and time and when we find the (for us right) recipe, we put it on the tea tin so we won’t forget.

The table is just a guide to help you to get started.

TeaTemperatureBrewing time
White tea50-70ºC2-3 minutes
Chinese green tea75-85ºC2-2,5 minutes
Japanse green tea50-75ºC1,5-2 minutes
Yellow tea75-85ºC2-3 minutes
Oolong tea80-100ºC2-2,5 minutes
Black tea80-100ºC2-3 minutes
Pu Ehr (post-gefermenteerd)100ºC2-2,5 minutes
Rooibos100ºC3-6 minutes
Herbs/Fruits100ºC3-6 minutes

Enjoy your journey finding the best taste.

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