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From: 7.00

A surprisingly good espresso, with flavours of caramel and nuts, it also has sweet fruitiness and a medium body. Also suitable as drip coffee.

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From: 6.75

Sweet, fruity, structured, medium acidity, long chocolate finish

From: 12.50

When you are a coffee lover and you would like to roast your own green coffee beans. We also sell green coffee beans.

From: 7.00

A spicy full robusta coffee, pleasantly bitter, and sweet chocolate. Good for Filter coffee, Espresso, but can be used with milk. A good coffee to wake up with, in the morning.


Let you be surprised by our pick of 3 our coffees and will send them to you. You only have to select if you would like coffee roasted for Espresso or Filter, and whole beans or coffee ground. Great as a gift

From: 8.00

Expect bursting cherry and spicy sweetness and washed brilliance in this beauty of a coffee.