A long time ago, the Aztecs in Mexico discovered how to make a cocoa chocolate (luckily). At Taza, they have revived this old method and make their chocolate in this authentic way.

Taza chocolate bars have complex and special cocoa flavours. The packaging is also special, round discs and traditional bars packaged in the most striking colours. When you unpack the bars you will find a tough slice and with round discs, you will encounter two elegant discs.

Alex Whitemore, from Taza, discovered this way of chocolate making when he was travelling through Oaxaca (Mexico) and he learned how to make the grinding stones himself. In 2005 he started Taza Chocolate in the United States.

Taza maintains direct relationships with farmers, demands respect for employees and the environment from the farmer and pays them more than the Fair Trade price. All Taza chocolate is USDA Organic (biologic), Direct Trade, Gluten-free, Kosher Pareve and Non-GMO Project Verified, also dairy-free, soy-free and Vegan.

Discover the powerful taste of Taza together with one of our espresso’s, or make from e.g. the Taza cinnamon 50% a delicious hot chocolate.

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