Loose Tea

At home, we used to drink tea by using tea bags, and often this was a standard English Breakfast tea. We had to add sugar, otherwise, it was way too bitter. Now we know loose tea made at the right temperature is tasting much better.

Quality Tea

At Dave’s Koffiebranderij, we sell quality loose-leaf tea. We have different types of tea: pure tea, without additives and aromas, and tea with aromas and additives. Don’t be surprised, as we sell our tea under the label of The Dutch Tea Lady. You can buy our tea at Dave’s Koffiebranderij or at The Dutch Tea Lady.

Why Dave’s Koffiebranderij

  • Fair, Loose quality tea
  • Free shipping throughout the Netherlands from € 45
  • Afterpay

Always want to have nice loose leaf tea? On our webshop, you will find more than 50 types of quality tea. Tea without additives or tea with additives, but also infusions. Order your favourite tea and create an account to easily reorder.

Good Quality

For us, it is primarily about the taste and quality of the loose tea. In addition, we purchase the tea as fairly as possible. Preferably directly from the tea producer and when possible organic.

All our loose tea can be steeped several times, sometimes up to five times. Some teas even taste better with a second infusion. Like our Oolong Tea

Tea and infusions

In addition to loose tea, we also have infusions such as Rooibos. Often these infusions are referred to as tea. But actually, tea is only tea when it made from the leaves of the Camelia Sinensis. Herbs, rooibos, fruits and the like are officially named Tisane or Infusions. That’s the way it is on our site, but when someone says Rooibos tea, we don’t find this a problem (we do it ourselves).

Sapphire Oolong, Loose Tea
Withering of tea leaves for Sapphire Oolong

Petra’s Selection

We sell our finest loose leaf tea under Petra’s Selection. This includes our directly purchased tea, but also other special teas such as Jasmine Pearls.

Camelia Sinensis

All tea comes from a plant, the Camelia Sinensis. There are several subspecies or varieties. Green tea is therefore made from the same plant as black tea. Oolong tea also comes from this plant.

Oolong tea

Oolong tea is a partially oxidized tea, which gives it a soft and floral taste. Oolong is a tea that lies between green and black tea. There are light and dark oolongs, this has to do with the oxidation level and whether the tea is roasted.

Sorts of loose tea

white tea, green tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, black tea, post-fermented tea and infusions.