Fairtrade coffee beans: a fair cup of coffee.

A FairTrade coffee and Fair Trade coffee beans have a good taste and a fair price. There is a lot of coffee for sale: in the supermarket, other (coffee) stores and of course with us (via our website or at the market). Many coffee beans, capsules and blends are unfortunately not always organically produced and often also not sustainable. Our organically produced and traceable coffee beans are freshly roasted in our own coffee roasting facility.

Fairtrade coffee | Freshly roasted from our own coffee roaster

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Fair price for coffee.

The question for us is: Do the coffee farmers who produce the coffee beans get a fair price? Sadly this is not always the case. That is why we have chosen to only sell traceable coffee beans. Coffee that is at least Fair Trade. We say at least the Fair Trade price because we believe that farmers should receive more money to produce coffee in the future and to be able to build and have a good life.

What do we mean by at least the Fair Trade price?

The Fairtrade International organization has set the worldwide fair trade price for coffee on 1 April 2011. That price is the FOB (free on board) price and a Fair Trade premium.

This is an example of the steps a coffee takes from the farmer to our coffee roasting company. This Side Up is one of our importers and has made the explanation below.

The steps Farming, Wet Milling, Drying, Dry Milling and Exporting are all part of the FOB price.

From the farmer to the port.

Within the Fair Trade price, it is actually not clear what price the coffee farmers receive. How many of the steps from Farming to Exporting do the farmers themselves? In Africa, there are many small farmers who deliver coffee berries to a cooperative. In Brazil, there are companies large enough to handle the entire process right up to export. It is often difficult to see what the coffee farmers receive.

Traceable coffee.

That is why we say minimal Fairtrade. We like to work with parties who want to supply traceable coffee. Coffee beans of which we know which steps are made in the supply chain and what price the farmer receives to produce coffee and to pay the pickers.

This Side Up, one of the parties from which we buy our coffee, also has the following statement:

We use our position to help coffee farmers in charge or their own fates. We make our work fully visible and foster dialogue between everyone in the value chain – and between all our value chains. ”

We love to work together with a company that shares the same values as us.

Max Havelaar.

When you think of Fairtrade coffee, the name Max Havelaar will probably come up. Max Havelaar is also for a fair price for coffee farmers and we support this philosophy. We would like to see more traceable coffee. Where we and the consumer can see who is participating in the supply chain and whether the farmer has also received a fair amount for the coffee.

Distribution of the purchase price.

Almost with all our coffees, we can show you the distribution of the purchasing price. This way you can see that the farmers have received a fair price.

Below an example of our coffee (2018) from Thailand:

As the earth is warming up, and we would like to drink coffee also in the near future, we support World Coffee Research.

World Coffee Research