Dulce – Brazil

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Our importer for this fair trade coffee is This Side Up. They work together with Capricornio. The founders of Capricornio had the idea to start producing Paraná specialty coffee in their home state.

Because Paraná is located under Tropic Capricorn (Tropic Capricorn) at 23º south latitude, hardly anyone believed that good coffee could come from here (the opposite is true).

The coffee is grown at an altitude of 450 to 1,200 meters. Winters can be very cold and the average temperature is lower, significantly extending the ripening process. This gives sweetness to the coffee, which we easily lose when we roast the coffee too lightly. In addition, the bean has a low density, so we can not roast too hot.

From the coffee series of Capricornio coffee we have the Signature blend Dulce. An Espresso Blend from three partner “Fazendas”.

A freshly roasted coffee with flavors of almonds and chocolate cake and gives a nice crema (with an espresso).

This coffee is also Fairtrade and therefore a fair price goes to the farmers.

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