Dave’s Koffiebranderij is a micro-roasting plant that started from the love of delicious, honest, freshly roasted coffee. In addition to coffee, we also sell tea and chocolate.


We try to buy the coffee as transparent as possible. We want to know who the coffee farmer or cooperative is, how the coffee is grown and the steps that the coffee takes to our roaster. Where possible, we indicate the percentage of the purchase price that is paid to the farmer. At least we want to buy Fair Trade coffee, but preferably more than Fair Trade.

Fairtrade coffee

The Fairtrade coffee minimum price is $ 1.40 USD per pound (453 grams) of washed Arabica coffee, for organic coffee, this is 1.70 USD per pound. A FairTrade premium of USD 0.20 per pound is paid above, 5 cents of which is designated for improving productivity and quality. (organic fairtrade coffee has a minimum yield for the farmer of 4.18 USD approximately € 3.65 per kilo)

Quality and taste

Quality and taste are our priority. Sometimes it may be that we find the non-organic variant better than the organic variant. We taste everything ourselves and will make a good assessment of it.

In many offices, catering establishments and also at home, coffee and tea is just a drink, should not cost too much and must be easy to brew. Often it doesn’t even have to be really tasty. We want to change that. Look here for more information

Roasting coffee

We roast speciality coffee with care and love with the aim of preserving the terroir in the coffee, because every coffee tastes different. The filter and espresso beans are therefore not roasted dark. For our customers who prefer a full dark taste, we have Dark Roast coffee. In addition to Single Origin coffee (from one farm, one cooperative or one geographical area), we also have blends. A nice blend of coffees that we carry.

We grind the coffee with love. Although we think that the coffee should be ground just before use. This is because the quality of ground coffee is rapidly deteriorating.

Coffee is a seasonal product. We therefore regularly change our range.


We have over 40 types of tea from white to black, but also Rooibos, herbs and fruit tea. We also purchase our tea as organically certified as possible. But for us, it is about taste, which we find more important than whether a product has a certificate organic.


The Bean-to-Bar chocolate that we sell is Organic and often Direct Trade. The chocolate bars producer get the cocoa beans directly from the farmer or produce the cocoa themselves, after which they turn it into beautiful chocolate.

Order online or visit us on Saturday at the Zuidermrkt in Amsterdam.

Petra & Dave

Dave van Eif
Speciality Coffee Roaster and Chocolate lover


Petra van Eif
Tea and Chocolate Lover