Cold brew Ice Tea

Ice Tea

You probably know ice tea. The one that you get in a bottle, with flavours, sugar and a list of other things. Did you know that you can make Ice Tea yourself? Often you will make hot tea, and cool that down, add some ice and you will have Ice Tea. This one can be a bit bitter due to the hot water. We prefer to make out ice tea the cold brew way. Very easy and the tea will get a soft flavour without any bitters.

“Our” method

“Our” method is to use a large glass jar, and fill it with cold water then we add our favourite tea. You can do this with teabags out of the supermarket, or you can use our tea (much nicer). The easiest, I find, is to put the tea lose in the jar, this way the tea will get the opportunity to open completely. You will have to pass it through a sieve on the end. You can also use a strainer or a paper filter. Put the jar a night (6 to 12 hours)in the refrigerator, and put the tea through a sieve the following morning. We normally use a bottle with a funnel to put the sieve on, so we have the tea directly in a bottle.

Coldbrew mojito
Ijsthee Black mojito
Black mojito in fles
You can also make very nice Ice tea with our lose tea below:


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