Coffee for companies

At home, we like to drink delicious coffee. But when we arrive at the office, the coffee is often not as good as at home. Enjoying coffee is also possible at work, it increases employee satisfaction and makes a good impression on customers.

Therefore we can take care of the right coffee beans from our traditional coffee roasting company, from a single origin coffee to a coffee blend, specially made for your company.

Tea for companies

How many times does it happen that a customer gets a cup of piping hot water with a teabag? The water that hot it will burn the dust in the teabag with a bitter taste as result and is too hot to drink. Often the partner is waiting impatiently as he has finished his coffee a while ago. Not really a nice finish of a meal.
Let us work with you to set-up a tea menu card, with our beautiful high-quality loose tea. We will train/explain your staff how to brew a lovely cup of tea your customers will come back for.

How does this work?

Fill in the contact form or send an e-mail to, we will contact you and make an appointment with you, to discuss your wishes.

For companies, we have an attractive discount. The business subscription is easy to adjust and can always be terminated immediately. We do not work with contracts and small print.